What to Wear

Deciding what to wear during your session is important. I’ve made a list of some DOs and DON’Ts to help you in your clothing choices and styles. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly
Practicing what the whole family is going to wear the day or two before the photo shoot relieves so much stress the day of. A practice run through of outfits and props will make you more prepared the day of.


Layer – layering is great for photo shoots and gives your pictures added depth.
Bright colors – bright colors are great for that added POP to your pictures, especially when shooting in a field, bright colors pull the subject out of the background. Make sure to wear bright colors that compliment your skin tone.
Textures and patterns — varying solids and patterns is a great idea! Also, different textures of clothing can make a big difference as well.
Accessories – adding detail with accessories such as bright fun watches, necklaces, earrings and headbands and bows is a great way to bring out bright colors from your clothing. Embellishments on shirts or hairpieces will add personality and that extra something you’re looking for.
Shoes – remember your shoes because yes, they will be in the picture – so wear cute, comfortable shoes.
Comfort – make sure you’re comfortable in your clothes, because if you’re not… it will show. Just be relaxed and yourself!
*Not necessarily a ‘what to wear’ idea, but PROPS are great! Little chairs, a special blanket or outfit for your little one, favorite toys, bubbles, baskets, picture frames, furniture or old vintage luggage… DO bring props and anything you want included in your pictures!


Too matching – be careful of matching TOO much. Keep away from all khaki pants and the same color top or all black and all white solids. This will drown you out and we want to keep the attention on YOU! We want to compliment and coordinate with each other
Length – keep your shorts or skirts an appropriate length, that way nothing is accidently revealed during the shoot.
Neon or too bright colors – fun, bright colors are great, but make sure to stay away from neon colors or colors that will overpower the picture and what you are already wearing.
Socks – make sure to wear neutral or dark socks that go with your outfit. White socks with a nice, dressy outfit looks bad and really stands out in pictures.
Undershirts – if you’re wearing an undershirt, make sure it doesn’t show above your collar (mostly for men). Women, look out for anything hanging out of your shirt, bra straps, etc. If so… wear a cute undershirt.
Tennis Shoes – wearing nice shoes during your photo shoot can make a big difference. They will be in the pictures, so think ahead.
Brands or writing – try to stay away from shirts or clothing that have writing or brands strewn across the front of the shirt; it’s distracting.
Fads – there are a lot of clothing fads that come and go, make sure to wear clothing that will last in your pictures – something that you can look back and on still love and not cringe. :)
Again, if you have any specific questions or would like to consult with me on your outfits for your pictures, contact me directly. Just be you and feel comfortable in what you are wearing and your pictures will be great!

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