Tuesday, September 23, 2014

// B Family \\

I first met up with this family on a Monday night and the lighting was awful. Luckily, my next night was free so I told them to come back tomorrow and meet me. I'm so glad this happened because I strongly encouraged them to bring something fun, like bubbles, and they did, and they got the best pictures! Loved this session so very much! Once get all these photos were taken in less than 15 minutes!

Friday, September 19, 2014

// Baker family \\

This little boy is one of the happiest you'll meet, nearly always the BIGGEST smile on his face at all times, what a cutie. I loved going through this family's pictures, I kept thinking "wow, they are all so photogenic and genuinely happy and in love with their little family!" Here's some of my favorites!
PS- all these photos were taken in less than 15 minutes. Short sessions are where it's at my friends!

// Anderson family \\

I love familiar faces! The Andersons were one of my wonderful fall sessions last year too! The difference this year, her little boy's adoption was finalized! It was so wonderful to hear of some of their journey over the past year. Here's some of my favorites from their mini session.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

// H family \\

What I love about mini sessions is their whole purpose is to crank out just a small handful of great pictures. No elaborate setups, no forever posing and locations, just easy in and out. This family was the prime example. All their best photos came from mainly one position before kids began getting cranky. Everyone was smiles, it was just a fabulous mini session on the walking trail here in Lincoln, NE. 

I forget the anytime you have 2 kids plus, there's always a lot of head swapping involved. You wouldn't believe how some of these photos started...

//The prettiest baby blessing dress you ever did see\\

Normally for my mini sessions I offer them to only families. But when a friend asked if I would do a mini session with her newborn in her gorgeously handmade blessing dress I thought to myself "Non moving target? CHYA!" So here's the cutie pies newborn/blessing dress mini session/ She was an angel the whole time with not a single cry. Here's a couple of my faves!