Wednesday, February 26, 2014

// Bundy family \\

oh the bundy family. how i love this family. i get to rub shoulders with them quite often, so this session was so much fun for me. TEENAGERS were the theme of this photo shoot. oh how teenagers are hilarious and fun and frustrating in so many ways. the light drained a little faster than i was hoping but we still got some beautiful shots of this family. enjoy these dark haired beauties!

// hospital newborn session: baby king \\

i've never understood the term baby hungry until this session. these parents were oozing happiness, joy, and pride. the birth of a new baby is so special and magical that you have to experience it to truly appreciate it. because it was almost exactly 1 year to date since my son had been born, this session was very dear to my heart. all these smiles are the most genuine faces ever. i couldn't believe how overwhelmed i was with joy for them. it was my most favorite session to date for sure. 
welcome to the world baby king!

ps- this hospital had queen size beds, queen size!  it is so marvelous!

 below is by far my favorite picture.