Monday, May 14, 2012

// Baby Brielle \\

this as ultra newborn as ultra newborn gets, less than 24 hours old.
just by perfect coincidence we were driving across the country and the night we stayed at our siblings' house she had her baby that night!
(and she said she'd have us as guests that night, that saint of a woman...)
before we took off the next day, i got a few pretty pictures in their hospital room, can you even tell?
white blankets and large beautifully lit windows do wonders,
welcome to the world baby brielle!

// Woodruff Maternity \\

got to take photos of this beautiful family.
i'm so proud to call them my family!
this momma is due next month and is looking so cute.
we had quite the harsh sun but we got a few beauties from the session!

// Hibbert Maternity \\

this beautiful family is expecting their first baby here in a month or so,
how beautiful does she look for 9 months pregnant?
had the best time with this family!