Monday, September 9, 2013

// Evolett 1 year pictures \\ Mommy and Me

While in the East Valley area of Arizona (Mesa) I got to have a photo shoot with this cutie patootie! I got to take maternity pictures while this cute chub was in the womb and here we are, 1 year later and she's as cute as can be! Although the Arizona sun was beating down on us during photos (105 degrees at 8:30 am!) we triumphed! The shade sure helped tons. And then we made a make shift studio setting inside (in the cool 72 degree house) while bribing her with some homemade cookies and her favorite hippo.

Miss Mommy is quite the well loved person of this girl so we got to have her in lots of photos. Like I always say, parents are the best prop sometimes. So we got a 1 year photo shoot with a little mommy and me mixed in ;)